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what is Aghreni

Aghreni  is  a  new  generation
Digital and Online Marketing
Software, Solutions and Services
provider, creating unmatched
value to clients by leveraging
the benefits of open source
technologies with a wide range
of service offerings.
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Ushering a new dawn in Digital Interactive Marketing Solutions and Solutions

Aghreni  has  embarked  on  a
mission to provide the world class
Digital Interactive Marketing
expertise to clients around the world.






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  • Leverage 6+ years of experience in digital marketing working with some of the world's largest brands

  • Leverage 150+ person years of open source s/w development and remote delivery expertise

  • Work around the clock for faster delivery

  • Harness the capabilities of a
    Trusted partner to deliver projects on time and within budget

  • Scale and adapt quickly with ready access to a wide selection of services and skills


  • The Strategic Digital Marketing partner of Aghreni Technologies

  • An Award winning company, specialized in data-driven marketing technology and services

  • Competent in developing custom solution for clients encompassing 360 degree marketing, from Data-driven Analytics to Campaign strategy, Execution and monitoring

  • Won several awards for its innovative campaigns in National and international level