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e-messenger, Email and Mobile Messaging Platform


Aghreni Technologies Private Limited is a leading Email and Mobile marketing solutions and service provider based out of Bangalore, India. Team Aghreni has over 5+ years of experience in Direct Email Marketing working with some of the world’s largest brands. Aghreni’s email platform called e-messenger services over a 900+ clients in Europe, Asia and the USA.


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The email platform has over 900+ clients systems and more than 800 million emails and SMS messages sent monthly. Leading companies around the world, with high email and SMS broadcast volumes trust the performance and reliability of e-messenger, web based email marketing communications software.


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By taking advantage of Aghreni email marketing platform, Clients will benefit by receiving detailed real time reports, the option to personalize message and current best practice advice from experts. With features that include comprehensive ‘Bounce Management’ and automatic de-duplication, Aghreni can ensure client's emails always reach the inbox safely. In addition, Aghreni also has a specialist team dedicated to taking care of all aspects of ISP relations.


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Key Opportunities to Your Organization:


  • Strengthen customer loyalty by sending regular, targeted, relevant newsletters and email marketing campaigns
  • Increase sales conversions through follow up mailings
  • Exploit various cross and up sell opportunities via email campaigns and newsletters
  • You will have the option to include coupon offers within an email to drive users to your websites and in store to encourage purchasing behavior
  • Enhance your brand image and customer loyalty via video mails
  • Via automated and transactional mailings, you are able to maintain and reinforce your customer relationships at critical lifecycle touch points.


Main advantages at-a-glance

    • You will be working with one of the biggest email broadcasting senders, with an expert knowledge of email marketing
    • As independent, international studies prove, You will benefit from one of the most powerful email broadcasting solutions in the world
    • e-messenger is a powerful platform that currently sends over four million emails per hour, which means the email marketing software is suitable for all types of companies, large or small
    • You will be working with a Market leader in email deliverability due to strategic partnership with deliverability experts Return Path and CSA certification
    • Any of your existing CRM or eCommerce systems can be easily integrated with email marketing software, e-messenger
    • The implementation of your tailor-made email broadcasting solution can take just a few days
    • You will be provided with a dedicated personal contact for any questions or advice in India
    • If you require, Aghreni can help with the complete campaign management including the send out and reporting
    • According to your needs, Aghreni’s consulting experts will support in optimizing your email broadcasting activities further



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